How we proceed

Follow in our footsteps while we guide you through the process of finding your dream job!

  1. Step 1     Send your CV to
  2. Step 2     Once we’ve received and read your CV or your application we will get back to you with an invitation for an interview, either via Skype/FaceTime or for a interview in person if possible. so that we can get to know you better.
  3. Step 3     If the interview was successful and we decide to go along with the search for the perfect job for you we will ask you to provide us with two references and an up to date Swedish Criminal Record or DBS check if you are currently living in the UK. We will also ask you to put together a an Introduction letter to the family so that we can put together “a profile” to send to the families.

Please note that you are not fully registered with us until we have received the police check and checked your references and qualifications properly.

  1. Step 4     Once we have completed the reference check and you are fully registered we’ll start matching your requirements with the families, and as soon as we have found a family you like, we will send them your Profile. If they are interested in you, we will arrange for an interview with the family. The interview will be made over the phone or via Skype/FaceTime, or in person if that is possible.
  2. Step 5     We always give you a follow up-call after the interview, to see how it went. The feedback we get from you is an important part of our matching process.
  3. Step 6     If the interview was a success, and you have been offered a position – Congratulations!

Once there’s been an offer of placement made, either verbally or written, we can call the match a success!!


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