Why choose our Agency?

The Swedish Nanny Company
– also with our nannies in mind

There are lots of agencies in London to choose from, but from experience we know that you can end up feeling like “one in the crowd” if you register with an agency that’s got hundreds of nannies and au-pairs under their wings.  It can be nice to be registered with an agency who knows your name, and who shares your excitement when you get the job you really wanted!

Supporting you along the way..

What’s so great with us is that we are recruiting and interviewing in both London and in Sweden, which means we can really be there for you from the start and support you along the way. We have been there ourselves; taking the leap out in the world and moving to work in another country. We know what it’s like to write a CV in a different language wondering why we didn’t pay more attention in English grammar class, thinking about whether we should bring two or three pairs of Wellingtons and going to interviews worrying we didn’t look at all like Mary Poppins. But don’t worry; we can assure you it will be worth it in the end! The experience you get from this whole adventure will probably be life-changing and no matter what, you will definitely grow as a person from doing this whole thing!

… but also all the way!

Our agency put a lot of effort into finding the best possible candidates so once we have found them we will make sure you find the best possible support in us! Since we have been in your situation ourselves, we know how important it is to have someone to turn to for advice and support even after you have taken on your position. So trust in that we will always be there for you, and give you the ongoing support you will need.

Except for support and guidance The Swedish Nanny Company can also offer you:

  • A personal, cheerful and friendly treatment – we treat you as we wish to be treated ourselves!
  • Availability – we try our best to be available to you, whether you are based in Sweden or in the UK.
  • Appreciation – we put a lot of effort into finding the best possible candidates, but we won’t forget it’s you who actually makes our job possible and we therefore truly appreciate you and your competence!


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