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As parents you always want the best for your child. So finding the best possible childcare that fits your child’s needs is probably your top priority.

And since we are specializing on high-quality childcare you’ve come to the right place!

But what does high quality-childcare even mean? And what is the actual difference between high-quality, professional childcare and general childcare/babysitting?

When starting this company, we were reflecting on what the concept high-quality childcare stands for and what differs between professional childcare and child-minding/babysitting?

In fact, the whole concept and philosophy of The Swedish Nanny Company is based entirely on these two questions!

You as parents only know what type of childcare would fit your family and child’s needs the best. Whatever childcare option you feel would be the best is going to be the best for your family, for sure. The way we see it, we feel that your family should have the opportunity to at least choose the quality of childcare for your children – even in your own home.

For us it felt very logical and also about time that someone who actually is knowledgeable and educated in the field of childcare would be someone to start up a professional childcare agency, and therefore be able to emphasize the importance of high-quality childcare. So, that was the reason a trained preschool teacher decided to start a professional nanny agency. Read more about The teacher behind the Agency here.


Are you tired of working with children in a stressful environment?

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As parents you always want the best for your child.

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