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As parents you always want the best for your child. So finding the best possible childcare for him or her is your top priority. But where do you find high-quality childcare? And what does that even mean?

By coming here, you’ve probably already thought quite a bit about what the best childcare for your child would be? And if the answer to that is the perfect nanny, you might also need to think about what makes a nanny perfect? By thinking through these issues you’ll get a better picture about what great childcare means to you!

This is exactly what we did before we started this company. By answering the questions; “what is high-quality childcare?” And “what makes the perfect nanny?” it became clear to us what type of childcare we believe in. In fact, the whole concept and philosophy of The Swedish Nanny Company is based entirely on these two questions!

So, why use our agency in your search for the best possible nanny?


Are you tired of working with children in a stressful environment?

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As parents you always want the best for your child.

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