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Yes! We do actually have your child in mind. Our London based nanny agency focuses on the most important thing – the child and its development and learning. The company was established on this basis; to provide high-quality childcare in private households around the globe. We specialise in Swedish educated nannies that have chosen to work with children as a profession. Our Nanny Educators are trained in childcare and have experience from working professionally with children in pre-schools, Kindergarten or primary schools. They can support your child’s development and learning with positive interactions and they are dedicated to provide high-quality care for your child.

The Swedish Nanny Company strives to give your child the opportunity to grow and develop in a stimulating, creative and fun environment so he or she can reach their full potential. The nanny is responsible for creating this environment by proactively playing with the child, whilst constantly trying to challenge and develop the child’s abilities, as opposed to just “taking care” of the child.

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Are you tired of working with children in a stressful environment?

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As parents you always want the best for your child.

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