Our philosophy

We believe that a loving, safe and stable home environment, where the parents and nanny work as “a team”, provides the best platform for the child to grow in self-confidence and create a sense of belonging.

We also believe that relationships are at the very heart of early learning and development.The interaction between the child and the adult is therefor a prerequisite for a positive development of the child. We believe in the importance of stimulation and guidance from adults in order to increase the child’s competence and their ability to acquire new knowledge and insights through their own activity.

The nanny plays a huge role in the child’s life, and it’s therefore important not only that the nanny interacts with the child, but also how she/he interacts with the child. All children deserves a loving and dedicated nanny who really enjoys spending time with them, wants to acknowledge them and makes them feel special. But children also need a creative, stimulating and at all times encouraging environment to help them develop and reach their full potential.

The Swedish Nanny Company emphasizes that the nanny:

  • At all times has the child’s best at heart
  • is active in the interaction with the child
  • can see the world through a toddler’s eyes, and wants to share the excitement of exploring!
  • wants to have a dialogue with the child, and who can see the charm in the word WHY?
  • is keen to develop the child’s emotional, intellectual and physical needs all at once (and has the right knowledge to do so)
  • creates clear boundaries for the child and emphasizes the importance of mutual respect
  • understands the importance of a good working relationship with the parents, and who is actively pursuing a fruitful communication in the family’s household.
  • can commit to at least one year of employment, preferably longer. Why?

The Swedish Nanny Company advocates a long term relationship between the nanny and the family. Every close relationship makes an impact on all of us, and especially children who often grow a close bond to their nanny.

The Swedish Nanny Company stands for quality, not quantity!!


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