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Please take your time to fill in the registration form, as the more details you can give us the more exact we can be in the matching process! Also, the more we know about your lovely family the more information we can give to the curious nanny. By filling in the form with extra thought and effort, you increase your chances of attracting lots of candidates for the job!

Please read through our terms and conditions before you apply. Once there’s been an offer of placement made, either verbally or written, we can call the match a success! The invoice will be sent to you the day after the offer has been made, and is due to be paid within 14 days from the invoice day.

Please note that The Swedish Nanny Company does not deal with temporary nanny positions.

You can trust that we will put all our effort into finding your perfect nanny. We will however ask for your understanding and patience during the process, as the time of the process may vary due to different circumstances. We take great pride in our search for the right nanny. Our concept is quality, not quantity!


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